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“AMAZING!! My 12 year old son read it first while on vacation and could not put it down. He was fascinated by the characters, the stories, and of course the battles. I finished the book in 2 days!!! The author has an amazing gift of story telling and brought honor to these great characters. Using his background in the military he was able to break down elements of a battle so the reader could experience the expertise, faith, and courage that existed in these great men. We all need a hero in our life and this book inspires us to follow the example of Moroni and stand up for what we believe in, remember what is important, and to always have faith. “A Hero Rises” was an adventure from beginning to end and truly taught what it means to be a hero.” —Wendy Bone

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  • home-header-the-storyThe War Chapters is a series of novels based on the section of Alma in the Book of Mormon known as The War Chapters. The story follows the leaders of the Nephite armies as they try to lead their people to victory against overwhelming odds.

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    Be inspired by the real Christian heroes in The War Chapters Series. Choose from a selection of posters beautifully illustrated by Gabe Bonilla of Captain Moroni, Teancum and Lehi. Perfect for any bedroom, den or dorm these posters feature positive role models who stood for faith, family and freedom.

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